House Queiroz

Sky Elegance Taper Holders

$8.00 USD

Enhance the ambiance of your home with our Sky Elegance Taper Holders. These exceptional candle holders are crafted from premium-quality glass, finished in a mesmerizing shade of blue that perfectly encapsulates timeless sophistication.

Engineered to complement a range of interior designs—from modern minimalism to classical charm—these taper holders add a luxurious pop of color to your décor. Their sleek, elegant design not only elevates your candles but also serves as an alluring centerpiece for any setting. Ideal for intimate dinners, special occasions, or simply to beautify your living space, these taper holders offer versatility and elegance in one stunning package.

Size: 1.35”x2.55”

Color: Blue 

Material: Glass

Sold in pairs

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