House Queiroz

Pink Whimsy Bubble Duo

$38.00 USD

Introduce a touch of whimsical elegance to your living space with our Pink Whimsy Bubble Duo, a stunning pair of flower vases designed to elevate any room's aesthetic. Handcrafted in a delicate pink hue, each vase showcases unique glass bubbles—three on one and four on the other—to bring an enchanting twist to your floral displays.

Artisanal made, these exquisite vases are more than just a home for your blooms; they're conversational pieces. The unique bubble design is skillfully created to interact with light, making these vases an irresistible focal point wherever they are placed.

Material: Glass

Color: Pink

Size: 3 bubbles: 6.1” 4 bubbles: 8.9”

Sold in pairs

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