House Queiroz

Pétale de Rose Wine Glass

$34.00 USD

Dive into the world of delicate elegance with the Pétale de Rose Wine Glass. Crafted from premium Titanium-infused crystal, this crystal wine glass stands as a testament to fine artistry and timeless beauty. Every glass features a hand-painted ensemble of rose-hued petals and leaves, reminiscent of a serene spring garden. The gentle brush strokes paired with the subtle shimmer of Titanium capture the tranquility and charm of blooming flora. Whether you're enjoying a deep red or a sparkling white, this glass adds a touch of sophistication and romance to every sip. Celebrate the ethereal beauty of nature with this exquisite piece.

*Sold individually

Hand washing recommended.

Height: 9.5”

Rim: 3”

Foot: 3”

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