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Orchard Bounty Linen Tablecloth

$98.00 USD

Embrace the essence of nature's sweet delights with our Orchard Bounty Linen Tablecloth. This enchanting tablecloth is adorned with a vibrant array of apples in full bloom, celebrating the simple joys of a fruitful orchard. Each apple, from sun-kissed yellow to deep crimson red, is depicted in stunning realism, surrounded by lush foliage and tender apple blossoms.

Crafted from a superior linen blend, this tablecloth brings not only visual appeal with its lifelike fruit motifs but also the practicality of sturdy fabric that ensures longevity and ease of care. It gracefully cascades over any dining surface, creating an inviting scene for family and friends to gather and share meals.

Whether you're hosting a rustic brunch, a family dinner, or simply adorning your table for everyday charm, the Orchard Bounty Linen Tablecloth is a versatile choice that infuses your dining space with warmth and an abundance of natural beauty.

Size: 71” x 79”

Seats 4 to 6. Rectangular.

Material: Premium Linen Blend

Care Instructions: Gentle cycle wash with cool water, tumble dry on low.

Made in Spain


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