House Queiroz

Lavender Luminescence Crystal Vase

$60.00 USD

Introducing the Lavender Luminescence Crystal Vase, where elegance meets a hint of whimsical serenity. This hand-blown glass crystal vase stands as a testament to refined craftsmanship, with every piece reflecting the soft, dreamy allure of its delicate lavender hue.

Each vase is handcrafted by adept artisans, ensuring that every creation carries its own unique charm. The intricate hand-blowing technique guarantees that no two pieces are identical, offering an authentic touch of luxury to your home decor. Its subtle lavender striations become the perfect backdrop for any floral arrangement, elevating the ambiance from simple to enchantingly sublime. Dive into a world of sophistication with the Lavender Luminescence Crystal Vase, where every glance captures a dance of light and color.

Material: Hand-blown Crystal Glass

Color: Lavender

Size: 8.7”x5.9”

Sold Individually

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