House Queiroz

French Blue Whimsy Bubble Duo

$38.00 USD

Unveil the elegance of your interior space with our French Blue Whimsy Bubble Duo, a pair of stunning flower vases that epitomize refined playfulness. Handcrafted in a classic French Blue shade, each vase features distinct glass bubbles—three on one and four on the other—infusing a dash of whimsy into your floral creations.

Made with expert craftsmanship, these unique vases are not just functional pieces; they are show-stoppers. The intricate bubble design has been meticulously crafted to catch and scatter light, offering an inviting focal point in any setting.

Material: Glass

Color: French Blue

Size: 3 bubbles: 6.1”; 4 bubbles: 8.9”

Sold in pairs

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