House Queiroz

Blush Brilliance Crystal Vase

$60.00 USD

Introducing the Blush Brilliance Crystal Vase, a beacon of sophistication and artisanal beauty that turns any corner of your home into a chic haven. This hand-blown glass crystal vase stands out as an unparalleled gem, with every single striation in its captivating pink hue epitomizing the pinnacle of personalized luxury.

Each vase is meticulously crafted by adept artisans, making every piece a distinct work of art. The elaborate hand-blowing process ensures each vase has its own unique identity, offering a genuinely singular touch to your decor. The vase's lustrous pink striations provide a lavish backdrop for your floral displays, be it a grand bouquet or a solitary, dramatic bloom.

Material: Hand-blown Crystal Glass

Color: Pink

Size: 8.7”x5.9”

Sold Individually

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