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Aqua Blossom Chopstick Rest Set (Set of 4)

$19.00 USD

Elevate your dining elegance with the Aqua Blossom Chopstick Rest Set. This charming set of four chopstick rests is adorned with a delicate floral motif, bringing a touch of serene beauty to any table setting.

Cast in a soothing aqua hue, each rest is carefully crafted to cradle your chopsticks between bites, ensuring they remain clean and ready for your next delectable morsel. The raised floral design not only adds a captivating aesthetic but also provides stability to prevent rolling, blending functionality with style.

Ideal for sushi nights, Asian-themed dinners, or any fine dining experience, this set serves as both a practical table necessity and a decorative highlight. Packaged as a set of four, it's perfect for a family dinner or as a thoughtful gift for the connoisseur of Asian cuisine in your life.

*Sold in sets of 4

Material: Porcelain

Color: Aqua

Height: 1.5”

Length: 3”

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