House Queiroz

Pearl Petal Napkin Ring (set of 6)

$49.90 CAD

Elevate your table setting with the Pearl Petal Napkin Ring. This exquisite ring features delicate petals crafted from translucent material, softly diffusing light to create a gentle glow at your dinner table. Each petal is intricately designed to mimic the graceful form of a winter blossom, nestled around a pearl-like center for a touch of elegance. This napkin ring is not just a holder, but a statement of sophistication and seasonal charm that will complement any festive decor. Ideal for a formal dinner or a cozy family gathering, it promises to add a sprinkle of winter's serene beauty to your meals. 100% handmade.

*Sold in sets of 6

Color: White and Blue

Dimension: 1.5" diameter

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