House Queiroz

Leaves Sushi Glassware Set (set of 4)

$89.90 CAD

Welcome the allure of the verdant rainforest to your sushi nights with the Leaves Sushi Glassware Set. This exquisite collection includes one large leaf-shaped plate designed for communal offerings and four smaller individual plates, each crafted to mirror the intricate patterns of natural foliage.

Imbued with a deep emerald hue, these glass plates feature a delicate vein structure that channels the untamed beauty of tropical leaves. They are the perfect canvas for presenting your sushi, sashimi, or hors d'oeuvres, with their glass surface providing a smooth, elegant backdrop that makes the vibrant colors of the cuisine stand out.

These leaf-inspired plates are not just dining accessories but conversation pieces that blend functionality with art. Whether used for an intimate gathering or a grand sushi feast, the Leaves Sushi Glassware Set turns every meal into a luxurious banquet of nature's charm.

Material: Glass

Color: Green

Size: 5" x 3"

Set includes 4 small plates

Dishwasher safe.


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