House Queiroz

Blush Radiance Glass Pillar Candlesticks

$39.90 CAD

Introducing the Blush Radiance Glass Pillar Candlesticks, a delicate embodiment of elegance and charm for your abode. Standing regally at a refined height, these candlesticks are scrupulously molded from superior-quality glass in a tender blush pink hue.

Conceived for connoisseurs of refined taste, the Blush Radiance is not merely a candlestick duo—it's a sumptuous statement accessory. Their elongated structure, combined with the warm, soft color, coalesce to form an alluring, sophisticated ambiance, making them perfect for both tranquil evening retreats and opulent soirées.

Size: 11”

Material: Glass

Color: Pink

Sold in pairs

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